The Eureka Business Operating System – The Eureka SAT NAV

If you had to drive from Southampton to an address somewhere on the edge of the Manchester that you’d not visited before – would you just jump in the car and head off hoping for the best?

“Roughly north – that’ll do”.

Seriously, tell me you wouldn’t.

So what would you do?

Look the address up on Google maps? Maybe check out the route.

You’d punch the postcode into your Sat Nav, most likely.

Select the best route – A roads, B roads or motorways…

Check you have fuel and head off getting guidance and advice along the way from your Sat Nav.


But what are you doing with your business?

Have you set your destination and way points for 2015 and beyond?

What about the next 90 days? Do you know where you’re going and have you got a plan to make it happen?

Have you got enough fuel in the tank?

Do you have all the vital information feeding back to your dashboard that tells you how you’re doing and even when and where to turn?

I’m not talking about your P&L, balance sheet or last months sales – that’s like trying to drive forwards looking in your rear-view mirror.


What happens when you reach a cross roads, a dead end or diversion?

Stop the madness! Stop the guesswork!

From my first hand experience of starting, and successfully growing my own businesses, (the last one to £30m a year in revenues) – I’ve created The Eureka Business Operating System.

It’s this powerful system that drives the Eureka SAT NAV.

mirrorA Sat Nav for your business. 

Giving you direction and guidance. Keeping you on track, helping you achieve your goals and reach your destination as planned and all in one piece.

I recently ran a webinar on this subject to watch a copy of the recording click here.

Note this was a “Webinar” – not seminar – webinar saves everyone time and money, no travel – any questions let me know.

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