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Can you please stop complaining!

Here’s your 7 day challenge…

Why do some people succeed where others fail? Its a big question, but I firmly believe there aren’t in fact too many answers.

All the successful people I know have made a decision to create the life and the business they want. The rest, many of them great people, so don’t get me wrong… take what comes their way, they go with the flow, they accept that things just Continue reading

If you’re feeling battle weary, relight the right fire…

To succeed in business and to attract paying clients to your business or service, you absolutely must have an infinite supply of GP + TE… “Genuine Passion” and “Tons of Enthusiasm”.

It’s not always easy, I know that. Some days are tougher than others to whip up enthusiasm, right? No time for marketing and sales are down, you get busy being busy and fighting fires – sound familiar?

Everyone Continue reading