Some miss by a country mile, do you?

If you are serious about having a successful business today – It’s vital that you stand out from the crowd… (for the right reasons).

If you interact on-line or off-line with clients – you’re in sales.

If you speak or present to clients – you’re a speaker.

To increase sales and profits… You MUST be the best you can be at sales, marketing and speaking… Speaking let’s you massively leverage your time! It puts your marketing on legal steroids!

This means we must rid of death by PowerPoint presentations. We’ve all sat through them, how did it make you feel…? It’s not what you do is it…? Is it?

img01You must learn to speak and write with passion, enthusiasm and integrity, whatever your field. You must discover how to truly engage with people… And we pretty much all engage at an emotional level. Not a bullet point and graph level, not a dull monotone voice level.

Can you imagine going to a west end show, or watching you’re favourite drama, soap or documentary on TV – to watch the actor or presenter just reading from their notes…

If you know your topic, your product or service – get rid if the notes and learn how to speak from the heart… It will transform you and your results. It makes you far more enjoyable to listen to and gets your message across far better too. I know that can sound scary…

1412434_618133481557754_1747215364_oI’ve even seen presenters having to hold and read from their laptops when technology failed and they couldn’t run the slide show. What? They don’t know their topic enough to just speak? It’s not that tough, and there are simple skills we can all master to become better speakers and presenters, 1-2-1, one to a boardroom or one to a ballroom.

If you want to be a professional speaker and get paid to travel the world and speak as I do, or simply want to improve your presentation skills for your day to day business – I’d love to help you.

To succeed you must discover the secrets that allow you to communicate effectively.

Consider these elements when you next present or PITCH


There are simple yet effective ways to structure your talk. When you learn certain simple techniques, you can deliver your message in 30 seconds, 10 minutes or a day long seminar… With confidence and ease. It all becomes fun, for all involved.

All these skills transfer into email, web copy etc too…




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