More Leads, More Sales, More Profits…

And all with less blood sweat and tears!

It’s a big bold claim…

but my mentoring programs will help you…

THRIVE … not just survive!

How would a 23% uplift in enquiries sound to you?

How would you like to see a 115% increase in sales ?

How would you feel about earning over £10,114 from your next email campaign ?

How about getting a contract for £98,345 from cancelling yellow pages advertising!

My mentoring clients have been getting these results and more… allow me to explain…

My mentoring programs get great results! The kind of results you want I’m sure!

“Steve Clarke is a legend at getting things done. His no nonsense approach benefits all businesses both large and small. He has much to impart and he is a great asset to a conference. Steve is also a dynamic Mentor. His passion for seeing people succeed is what makes him stand apart here. He is a typical Go-Giver and I have seen many people’s businesses improve as a result of his input – including all of mine. Thank you”

Deborah Fielding – Director Mirus Media

03afa8d “Another record month! Sales are up 243%, profits up 43%, thanks to Steve’s ideas and motivation.”

Matthew Day – CRM Superstars.

Gary White FCCA “I have been attending the Platinum mentoring group of Steve Clarke’s for the past 2 years and can honestly say that it has transformed the way I do business, not only from a sales and marketing viewpoint but in terms of our complete strategy. The successes we have had in terms of developing a whole new service area with outsourcing and finance director services are very much a result of the feedback, brain storming and inspiration I have gained from Steve’s sessions which are tremendous fun and give me a massive buzz each month. The fact that we all commit to take action after each meeting then measure the results of those actions is critical. Steve is a star and my only regret is that I did not meet him 20 years earlier!”

Gary White – CBHC Chartered Accountants.

“Our 24 year old business has seen record sales months last year, but Steve has given me much more than that. What is the point of running your own business if you are just a slave to it? I am less stressed, happier and have a clear way forward. If you want to improve how your business works for you (whatever your goals) you need to talk to Steve.”

Gavin Rabello – Patrick and Menzies Opticians.

“Steve’s advice and support is invaluable. Attending his Mentoring Group over the past 18 months has been the most incredible learning experience. I wouldn’t have had the time to learn and implement so much in any other way and still run our company. It has really made all the difference to the future of our business.”

Jayne Taylor – Taylor’s Service Centres

Eureka Mentoring Programs include…

  • * Monthly live events to provide laser focus and master mind solutions.
  • * Special Guest speakers and workshops to teach cutting edge lead generation techniques.
  • * MP3 recordings to motivate and inspire you to boost your sales.
  • * Videos and transcripts of events to help reinforce new strategies.
  • * Platinum members also benefit from their personal business coach for added accountability.

It’s all about regular, repeat action… principally – ACTION!

Still wondering if something like this could help you… Let me ask you… Why are you here right now… reading this…?


Maybe you’ve had enough of being woken up at 3.30am with those stomach churning, nauseous feelings that leave you in a cold sweat over how you’re going to make payroll or pay suppliers at the end of the week? Sick with worry about how you’re business will survive.

Perhaps self employment isn’t quite what you envisaged? You’re passionate about your product or service… but you’ve been faced with the stark reality – passion alone is not enough. You need more clients, but where are they? Marketing and sales are just “not your thing”.

Maybe you’ve been liberated… down sized… made redundant, call it what you will. Now you’re out working for yourself. It’s wonderful, you get to choose the hours you work – how refreshing. Problem is… you get to choose which 18 hours of every day you work… there’s so much to do!

I’m here to help you.

But I’m a realist. I know that my 1-2-1 mentoring is out of reach for many start ups or even existing businesses, both in terms of cost and time available.

Plus – I can only work with a limited number of clients at any time… and right now I have no space or time available for individual 1-2-1 clients even if you begged and pleaded with me, none!

So for that very reason I’ve designed my Eureka Mentoring Programs.

by application and invitation only.

Listen to what these business owners have to say about what mentoring has meant to them…




“…business simply keeps building. Just in the first 5 weeks of this year we have taken over £250K in orders. That is a whopping 33% more compared to the same period last year. Steve you have sure pushed us in the right direction!”

Alfred Van Pelt – Something Different Europe Ltd

“It’s always good to be around positive people and yesterdays Master Mind group was no exception. There was a great amount covered and all of it had value…. you’ve set the bar pretty high!”

Darren Bartlett, Managing Director – UNS Unique Network Solutions Ltd

“My sales for the first 100 days for Q1 were up by 150% from last year.”

Howard Grahame

I have been to quite a few mentors and seminars over the past 3 years, I rate you as one of the very best, easy to understand and listen to, I hope you are proud of what you have done for all of us”

Michael Chittendon – Woodhall Manor

“Business is up nearly 50% since I first attended one of Steve’s groups less than six months ago…”

John Towers Director and General Manager – Care At Home UK Ltd

As a member you’ll also receive access to:

The Rule Of The Month

… sounds harsh. But it’s simple. I will give you a simple rule to apply during the month and I promise… keep it in the forefront of your mind every day, apply the rule & you’ll reap the rewards… simple and effective.


Golden Nuggets.

I’ll provide video and MP3 audio files for you to play and listen to as often as you like…You’ll get sales and marketing “gold”. Hints, tips and strategies to apply to your business. You’ll hear interaction and real life practical experiences from other members of my “Mentoring” groups that will help you boost your sales.


Success Leaves Clues

– Video and MP3 interviews with successful business owners and entrepreneurs, sharing their experience and knowledge to help you grow your business and avoid mistakes they may have made…


Social Media Secrets –

regular easy to follow bite size “How To” examples of how to get the most from the major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn… plus all my secret weapons too.


Teleseminars and Webinar

– dial in or join me on-line as I interview experts from all areas of business, to discuss their sales and marketing strategies to help you generate more leads, win more business and increase your profits.


Why should you listen to me…? Good question…

I’ve been in business for myself since I was 19. Over that time I’ve started, bought, merged and sold businesses. I’ve gone from start up to stock market flotation.

I helped grow my last company to £30 million in annual revenue in just 8 years, sold out and I technically “retired” at 45. But retirement was not for me!

OK… so big deal… what does this mean to you?

Well, I don’t say any of this to impress you, just to impress upon you that maybe, just maybe… I could help you get the results you dream of too.

Have you heard the expression; “follow the leaders, don’t follow the followers?”.

I now spend my time helping many business owners just like you… thrive and not just survive in business and in any economy. I lead by example and experience, not from what I’ve just read in a book.

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